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  • De Eemhof – Holland
    It is surprising how many people look to the Netherlands to enjoy a tropical Christmas — swimming, tanning, and water-sliding
  • Competition
    If you dislike articles filled with random thoughts and uncertainties, then this one is not for you. I am trying to figure out if competitiveness is something universal. Or is competition something, we (humans) have replaced with the primal survival instincts.
  • THE GOLDEN TRIANGLE- Thailand-Burma-Laos
    Further out, the city stops, and the jungle gets thick with nature. The shops and restaurants are replaced by rainforests and rivers.
    Boosted have started selling their Rev and Dualtron 3 have 3600W behemoths that will do 40-miles an hour for a 50-miles (maybe). But even the modest NANROBOT D4 + 2.0 with its’ measly 2000W of motorized fun is too expensive for most of us to justify. If we want to join in it has to be a Home-Made E-Scooter.